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  • BVRT Murals Project

    26/08/2020 Comments (0) News

    The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is fast becoming a world class recreational attraction, but it’s always been our ambition that it would offer a cultural experience as well as a recreational experience. With that in mind, just close your eyes and imagine – you’re travelling along the rail trail, whether it be

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  • BVRT Bushfire Update 13/12/2019

    13/12/2019 Comments (0) News, Uncategorized

    Whilst there have been recent bushfires in the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail regions, there are none currently impacting the BVRT. Like all of SE Queensland, air is a bit smoky, but better than Brisbane. All sections are open. The BVRT is open for business.

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  • BVRT Therapy (a Blog post)

    13/12/2019 Comments (0) News

    Feeling a bit stir crazy after all the stress of our bushfire evacuation over the weekend, so headed out just before dawn this morning for some BVRT therapy. I wouldn’t describe the temperature as fresh, but certainly much cooler than daytime. Cycled into Fernvale via the back way to avoid the Brisbane Valley

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  • Lockyer Creek Bridge is awesome

    07/12/2018 Comments (0) News

    It’s been an amazing season for the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. We have never seen so much traffic since the new section between Toogoolawah and Moore opened. A continuous stream of cyclists, hikers, runners and horse riders following the old Brisbane Valley Railway line all the way from Wulkuraka to Yarraman, every

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  • Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Tourism goes from Strength to Strength

    08/10/2018 Comments (0) News

    I just spent a very enjoyable weekend giving Damian Cerini an edited highlights tour of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail and related tourism assets. Damian is the proprietor of Tour De Vines, the largest cycling tour company in Australia. If all goes according to plan, he will be collaborating with us to bring

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  • Bushfire Alert – BVRT Linville to Benarkin section

    12/08/2018 Comments (0) News

    12/08/2018 The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is currently closed between Linville and Benarkin due to a bushfire in the area. It’s a long trail and all other sections are open. Please plan to use a different section for your BVRT adventure if planning to get out on the trail in the next few days. Thanks. …

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  • Check list for organisers of large events on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

    27/06/2018 Comments (0) News

    Planning is critical when organising an event on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. This information aims to direct your attention to the important things you need to think about in relation to the managers and leaseholders of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail before you even get started. Who do I need to notify? You should

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  • Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Endurance Cycling Record smashed

    13/05/2018 Comments (0) News

    13/05/2018 Last Friday, whilst most people were asleep in bed, ultra endurance Rebecca Stone smashed the previous record for the fastest time to cycle the 167 km from Wulkuraka Station to Yarraman Station, and back in under 24-hours. A total distance of 334 km. We had five men who had completed the challenge known as

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  • Another BVRT Amazing Achievement

    06/05/2018 Comments (0) News

    BVRT Amazing Achievement On Sunday 6 May 2018, Alyson Webster became the first person of either gender to run the entire length of the BVRT from Wulkuraka Station to Yarraman Station in one go. An amazing achievement. Her time was 33 hr and 23 minutes. Congratulations, Alyson. Really, you are amazing.

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  • Blackbutt to Yarraman ‘flow through’ upgrade

    10/04/2018 Comments (0) News

    Blackbutt-Yarraman BVRT section is now officially awesome. Another win for the BVRT Users Association and a huge thank you to DTMR, Toowoomba Regional Council and the Ambassadors for the BVRT. Yarraman to Blackbutt was always a bit iffy for cyclists. 19 gates in 19 km was a real pain. Not anymore. Following

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