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  • Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Officially Reopens following recent extreme weather events

    10/06/2022 Comments (0) News

    10/06/2022 News update: The BVRT has reopened in it’s entirety following damage caused by the recent extreme wet weather events. However, please note that the trail has places where stretches of dry, hard surfaces meet mud and water without warning and some creek crossings can be a bit adventurous. You should

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  • In praise of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail – Australia’s great adventure rail trail.

    01/01/2022 Comments (0) News

    ‘Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.’ (John Muir). The moment my bicycle tyres hit the dirt surface of the BVRT, I can feel myself beginning to relax. It’s as if I passed through a doorway that leads to a better place. Every time someone ventures …

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  • BVRT is emerald green after the rains

    05/12/2021 Comments (0) News, Uncategorized

    We don’t normally associate the BVRT with emerald green – it’s more often a bit brown and dusty. An early start from Linville after the recent rains on Saturday was well rewarded. The air was cool, the trail was in tip top condition, and the country was just so green it was almost blinding. Terrific

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  • Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Cycle Tourism – creating a destination.

    02/05/2021 Comments (0) News

    When we first started campaigning for the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail seven years ago, it was an act of faith.  We realised that we had something special in our backyard, but little did we realise our campaigning could set off a chain reaction that would result in $20 million being spent on it by the …

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  • Nurinda Mural Project

    19/02/2021 Comments (0) News

    We had a vision to turn the Nurinda Underpass into a remote art display in the middle of almost nowhere that people could stumble across almost by accident. The Nurinda Underpass is located where Nurinda Rd crosses the BVRT about 2 km from the D’Aguilar Highway heading west in the Harlin to Moore section of …

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  • Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Festival of Cycling

    13/12/2020 Comments (0) News

    NEW 2021 EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT We are excited to announce Bicycle Queensland and Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Users Association Inc will be teaming up to bring you the BVRT Festival of Cycling in 2021 The event will be held in June next year with a choice of 75 km, 94 km and 161 km distances plus …

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  • BVRT Murals Project

    26/08/2020 Comments (0) News

    The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is fast becoming a world class recreational attraction, but it’s always been our ambition that it would offer a cultural experience as well as a recreational experience. With that in mind, just close your eyes and imagine – you’re travelling along the rail trail, whether it be

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  • BVRT Bushfire Update 13/12/2019

    13/12/2019 Comments (0) News, Uncategorized

    Whilst there have been recent bushfires in the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail regions, there are none currently impacting the BVRT. Like all of SE Queensland, air is a bit smoky, but better than Brisbane. All sections are open. The BVRT is open for business.

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  • BVRT Therapy (a Blog post)

    13/12/2019 Comments (0) News

    Feeling a bit stir crazy after all the stress of our bushfire evacuation over the weekend, so headed out just before dawn this morning for some BVRT therapy. I wouldn’t describe the temperature as fresh, but certainly much cooler than daytime. Cycled into Fernvale via the back way to avoid the Brisbane Valley

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  • Lockyer Creek Bridge is awesome

    07/12/2018 Comments (0) News

    It’s been an amazing season for the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. We have never seen so much traffic since the new section between Toogoolawah and Moore opened. A continuous stream of cyclists, hikers, runners and horse riders following the old Brisbane Valley Railway line all the way from Wulkuraka to Yarraman, every

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