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Mt Hallen Station History

(57.07 km from Wulkuraka)

Named after the mountain to the south west.

This station opened in 1886 know as BUARABA, but soon changed to Mount Hallonon the 1st December 1886 and changed in 1941 to Mount Hallen.

The primary purpose of the station was to transport passengers, milk, cream and cattle.


1886 – opened as a stopping place.

1886 – changed name to Mount Hallon

1887 – loading bank provided

1888 – Shelter shed and office erected

1888-1894  – gate and sidings provided.

1925 –  5cwt scales provided.

1924 –  truck telephone installed

1935 – level crossing gates installed. Porter on Rail motor to open/close the gates.  Fireman and Guard to open/close the gates if train runs on Sunday when station was unattended. Includes sidings, 5cwt scales, side loading bank, shelter and cream shed and stock yards.

1941 – name changed to Mount Hallen

1944 – Cattle trucking yards provided.

1957 –   Closes as a Gate and the station Mistress is withdrawn on the 17th April 1957.

1967 – loading bank was removed.

1971- siding removed

1991 – sometime after 1991 the shelter shed was removed.

Credit notes to Mark Linnett, Mike Quirk and John Kerr

Photos credit :   Mark Linnett , Eric Marggrat.
Credit notes to Mark Linnett, Mike Quirk and John Kerr.

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