Trail Map

Photo from the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Festival of cycling 2021.

The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is 161 kilometres of completed recreational trail that follows the disused Brisbane Valley railway corridor. Connecting urban towns and villages, native bushland, farming country and plantation forests, the trail enables cyclists, horse riders and walkers riders to experience the history and rugged landscape of the Somerset and South Burnett regions up close and personal at a human pace.

Some sections of the trail can be quite rough. Cyclists will find a mountain bike or gravel bike is most suitable, followed by hybrid. However, many users have cycled the BVRT on a robust road bike, but a racing bike would be unsuitable. Soft tyre pressures within the specified safety limits for your tyres can also aid comfort.

Horses are best shod and hikers will be more comfortable in light-weight but robust hiking shoes.

Interactive Map of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

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