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Wulkuraka Station, Ipswich

 The original Brisbane Valley railway line ran from Wulkuraka station in Ipswich in the south to Yarraman in the north, making Wulkuraka Station the true start or end  point for every Brisbane Valley Rail Trail End-to-End adventure.

Wulkuraka station opened as Brisbane Valley Junction in the 1880s, being the junction station for the Brisbane Valley railway line from 1884 until 1989.

Ipswich Railway workshops

Ipswich Railway Workshops museum

Wulkuraka Station is now the southern trail head of Australia’s longest continuous rail trail. It starts with a concrete bikeway that provides a cycling commuter route from Wulkuraka station to Diamentina Blvd on the outskirts of Ipswich.

St Mary's Catholic Church (1876

St Mary’s Catholic Church (1876)

There are no food or accommodation options directly in the area around Wulkuraka Station, but plenty of options if you venture towards the CBD via the mapped connecting route. The first food and accommodation options on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail heading northwards are in Fernvale.

Horse riders seeking to start in Ipswich are permitted to use the concrete Brassall Bikeway section of the BVRT, but should use the grassed shoulder, only with the exception of the bridge crossings.

As Queensland’s oldest provincial city, Ipswich has a rich history. It’s renowned for its architectural, natural and cultural heritage. Ipswich proudly preserves and still operates from many of its historical buildings and homes, with more than 6000 heritage-listed sites.

Attractions include the Ipswich Art Gallery, the Workshops Rail Museum, steam trains, more than 500 parks, wineries, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and shopping centres. There are also several good bike shops in Ipswich. Check out the Discover Ipswich website for more information,

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