BVRT DIY Self-Guided Cycle Tour Itinerary

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BVRT DIY Self-Guided Hiking Itinerary

A definitive hiking itinerary is a little tricky because people have different abilities. I’ve assumed that around 20 km per day is a good distance within the capabilities of most experienced hikers.

The preferred direction is from Yarraman to Wulkuraka (North to South) because the general trend is downhill and the sun is generally behind you). Leave your car at the Wulkuraka Trailhead and take the 7.00 am shuttle to Yarraman.

It is essential to be self-sufficient between the towns. Mobile phone reception can be patchy (Telstra has the best coverage).

Notes for hikers arriving by air:

Recommend taking shuttle directly from the airport to Yarraman and staying there overnight so you can get an early start in the morning (Accommodation options).

For airport shuttles up to 5 persons, Fernvale Shuttles Services:
For airport shuttles more than 5 persons, Out There Cycling

For luggage transfers, accommodation owners in the north of the region will usually agree to transfer your luggage for a fee (usually around $100) and/or contact Fernvale Transport & Shuttle Services: for luggage transport south of Esk.

DateItinerary (see map)Food options
Day 1Arrive Wulkuraka Trail head in time for the 7.00 am shuttle with Out There Cycling (essential to pre-book) to the northern trailhead in Yarraman Station Park for the start of your BVRT adventure.

Hike Yarraman to Blackbutt (19 km)

No water or toilets at the trailhead in Yarraman.

Toilets in Harland Park about 8 km from Yarraman.

Water bubbler at the trail gateway and public toilets in town at Blackbutt.

Stay overnight in Hotel Radnor, Cnr Hart and, Coulson St, Blackbutt QLD 4314.
Yarraman: Breakfast in Farmhouse Lounge café.

Blackbutt: Famous Blackbutt Bakery in for pies.   Hotel Radnor for evening meal.  
Day 2Hike Blackbutt to Linville (23 km). Very scenic).

Trail in good condition. Some challenging gullies.  

Public toilets in Benarkin. Bush toilet at MacNamaras Camp rest area. There is also a rainwater tank, but non-potable water so will require purification.

Stay overnight in Rail Trail Refuge, 56 David Street Linville .
Benarkin: Small shop does coffee.

Linville: Linville Hotel in Linville for  dinner. The Linville Shop does nice coffee, cold drinks and ice creams.
14/7/24 – Please note the pub at Harlin is closed until a new lessee takes it on. Hikers will need to make it all the way through to Toogoolawah for accommodation.
Day 3Hike Linville to Harlin (20 km)

Toilets but no water bubbler in Moore.

Trail is in good condition. One hill close to Harlin with great views of the Brisbane River.

Nurinda Murals.

Stay overnight in Harlin Motel Hotel
Breakfast in Moore at Moore Cafe or Kai Lounge.
Day 4Option 1: Hike Harlin to Toogoolawah (14 km)

Option 2: Hike Harlin to Esk (34 km).

Experience the Yimbun Railway Tunnel south of Harlin.

The Condensery Somerset Regional Art Gallery in Toogoolawah for a culture fix.

Toilets but no bubbler in Harlin. Toilets and bubbler in Toogoolawah.

Recommended accommodation:

Option 1 in Toogoolawah: Exchange Hotel, 11 Cressbrook St, Toogoolawah QLD 4313. (Google Maps)

Option 2 in Esk: Esk Grand Hotel, 121 Ipswich St, Esk, Queensland, 4312. Great bistro restaurant in the pub and nice cafes nearby. Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Motel, 16 Hassall St, Esk, 4312.
ToogoolawahExchange Hotel for dinner. Have a Chat café for breakfast.

Esk: Recommend Nash Café for lunch (open until 3.00 pm).

Esk Grand Hotel for dinner.

The cyclist friendly Brisbane Valley Roasters is also great for coffee and light meals right on the rail trail as you arrive in Esk
Day 5Option 1: Hike Esk to Clarendon Station Rd (29 km).

Stay overnight in Clarendon Cottage (owner will stock fridge with food for you as no  shops nearby).

Option 2: Hike Esk to Lowood (36 km). Stay overnight in Hotel Lowood  in Lowood.

Admire the newly completed bridge just south of Cooragook.   Toilets and bubblers on the rail trail in Pipeliner Park, Esk.

Toilets and no water potable bubbler in Coominya. Small SPAR supermarket for bottled water. Small pharmacy.  
Coominya: Bellevue Hotel in Coominya for lunch.

Lowood: Dinner in the pub.
Day 6Hike Lowood to BVRT Wulkuraka Trailhead (31 km).

Toilets and   water bubbler (on north side of the Visitor Information Centre in Fernvale

Please note: Distance from Fernvale to Wulkuraka trailhead is 23 km. There are no toilets or water bubblers until you reach the trail head.

From the trailhead in Wulkuraka, train station is only a short 1 km distance.
Lowood: Rudy and Ada café for brekkie.

Fernvale: Barb’s Kitchen for breakfast/morning tea.

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