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Wanora Station History

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Vernor Station History

VERNOR (27.8 km from Wulkuraka)

Named after Captain Robert Verner, a former British Army officer, who took up a land selection in the district.

This stopping place was opened with the line in 1884 and was called Verner’s. The name was changed to Vernor on 18th January 1889.

The primary purpose of the station was to transport milk and cream.

During the 1893 floods, Captain Verner and his family at Fernvale spent 24 hours in a tree in the drenching rain with the wind blowing hard until they were rescued.


Opened 18 January 1889 and it was classed as a gate with a siding with side loading bank, and cream and shelter sheds.

1911 – Railway authorities agreed for Vernor to. conduct a post office for sale of postal notes.

On 1st January 1922, the station mistress was withdrawn, and it became an isolated siding.

The cream shed was removed in 1937.

The siding lifted in 1949.

The shelter shed was removed in 1979.

Credit notes to Mark Linnett, Queensland Rail, Mike Quirk and John Kerr.

Photo credit :  Eric Marggraf.

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