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31/08/2018 Comments (0) Trail Maps

Ipswich Stn – Wulkuraka Stn Connection

Although it’s at the southern end of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, Wulkuraka Station is not the most user friendly place to commence or end your BVRT adventure. There is there are no cafes, no toilets, no drinking fountain, the trains don’t run as frequently as train services to Ipswich station…and sometimes they don’t run at all when there are track works.

The good news is that there is short connecting route between Ipswich Station and Wulkuraka Station that utilizes a little known feature of the railway bridge across the Bremer River at the eastern end of Grace St – there is a pedestrian walkway on the southern side. It does get a bit narrow in a couple of places for MTBs with wide bars, but easy to walk. The only slight inconvenience is that bicycles have to be carried up and down the stairways at each end. This more of a problem for heavy e-bikes.

There are plenty of cafes and other shops in Brisbane St and secure pay parking is available. Train services to Ipswich Station tend to be more frequent and reliable.

Brisbane St is one-way towards Ipswich Stn, so cyclists will need to use the Bremer St/Ellensborough St/Darling St E route when travelling towards Wulkuraka Stn.

Click here to view the connecting route on Google My Maps.

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