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One of the most ‘picturesk’ towns in the Somerset region with its many Queenslander style houses, divided main street with a planter beds down the centre, numerous small shops and cafes, and the dramatic rocky backdrop of Glen Rock mountain. Esk is a great place to use as a base for your extended Brisbane Valley Rail Trail adventure as it’s a great jumping off point for day trips both north and south on the rail trail.

Mt Glen Rock is the beautiful backdrop to the town of Esk.


Esk has plenty of accommodation including three motels, a pub, and a camping and caravan park with cabins and excellent facilities as well as some nice Airbnb’s for longer stays.

Useful services for Rail Trailers also include a Visitor Information Centre and Art Gallery, a great pub, bakery, pharmacy, a great fresh produce shop, post office, newsagent, vet service, servo, IGA supermarket, several cafes and fast food outlets, toilets and water bubblers. There is also a small rural hospital with helicopter pad and both GP and dental services.

The Esk Country Market on Saturday mornings in Pipeliner Park on the Rail Trail is very popular.

Somerset Regional Council offices are located in Esk and the Somerset Civic Centre is a great venue for shows and exhibitions.

At the present time, most of the cafes are not open in the evening, but the pub, the Esk Bowls Club and a Thai takeaway are usually open. Brisbane Valley Roasters is often open with live music at weekends.


This area was originally recognised as the Esk Run and was purchased by Mary McConnel who subdivided the land into one-acre blocks and established the town of Gallanani in 1872. When the railway arrived in 1886 the town continued as Gallanani and the station was called Esk. Between 1905 and 1907 the town’s population doubled to six hundred, becoming the hub of the Valley’s cattle, dairying, agriculture and timber industries. The butter factory was established in 1906 providing increased economic prosperity for the town. Gallanani became known as the railway town of Esk in 1913.

Brisbane Valley Roasters

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