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Wanora Station History

Wanora (15.2 km from Wulkuraka).

This station was first opened in 1884 as a siding named Glamorgan. In 1888 it was shown as being a gate with a siding and timber stage.

The name was changed to Waoon in 1897 possibly to avoid confusion with Glamorgan Vale which was some distance away.

This new name did not last long for long as  J H Herrmann of Glamorgan Vale wrote to the Commissioner for Railways in November 1898 complaining that he had three bundles of empty bales sent to Walloon instead of Waoon and that similar mistakes have happened to him and his neighbors in the past.

The Secretary to the Commissioner replied to Mr Herrmann on the 17th December 1898 advising that the Commissioner has approved altering name to Wanora in February 1899. The origin of this name is not known.

The primary purpose of the station was to transport Timber, Pigs , Sheep, and cattle. It was once the source of regular consignments of calves and pigs destined for Cannon Hill Abattoirs.


1886 – Goods shed erected.

1887 – Shelter shed and closet provided.

1916: Wanora – Gate, siding, 6 ton cart weighbridge, 15cwt crane, cattle pig yards, timber stage

1935  has side loading bank, shelter, goods and cream sheds

1942 6 ton cart weighbridge Wanora has been removed

1958 Wanora closes as gate from close business Fri 27.6.1958, Station Mistress withdrawn. Becomes an isolated stopping siding.

1963— Wanora still has siding, cattle pig sheep yards, side loading bank, shelter, goods and cream shed.

1963— The goods shed was removed.

1979 — The waiting shed was removed.

Credit notes to Mark Linnett,  Mike Quirk and John Kerr.

Photos credit :  Eric Marggraf  and Mike Quirk.

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