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18/02/2017 Comments (0) Paul's Blog Posts

How can you help the campaign to get the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail completed?

When we first started the campaign back in 2014, two sections needed to be completed to make the BVRT into one continuous length. Wulkuraka Station to Wanora has been achieved, but time and the weather have not been kind to the Toogoolawah to Moore section.
Although the Queensland Government allocated $1.8 million to complete the whole rail trail and the entirety of that money is still available, when the project was costed by the Somerset Regional Council engineer it came up short by about $1.7 million.
There are many creek and road crossings in that section that will be a challenge for the construction engineers.
If the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is to be a world class recreational and tourism asset, we need to do the job properly.
Toogoolawah to Moore traverses some beautiful Queensland country with great views of the Brisbane River. It will be the jewel in the crown.
At the present time, we’re waiting for the outcome of two funding applications by Somerset Regional Council to the Australian Government ‘Building Stronger Regions Fund’ and to the Queensland Government ‘Building Our Regions Fund’.
Both funds have a strong focus on the economic benefits to the regions and job growth, so increased traffic on the Brisbane Valley Rail is best way we can support the applications. That and some political lobbying.
Things may appear pretty quiet on the campaigning front, but behind the scenes there’s a lot of activity.
I’m working on a project that if successful will have significant implications for cycle tourism investment on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. There will be meetings with politicians over the course of the next few weeks. We will continue to organise events.
I’m confident at least one of the funding applications will be successful, but in the unlikely event that they both fail, we also have to be prepared for the mother and father of a community campaign.
In the meantime, what can you do to support the campaign?
The strongest argument of all for funding, and probably the only one that really matters, is increased traffic on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.
The simple act of coming out to enjoy the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail and supporting a few local businesses does more to strengthen the case for funding investment in the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail than any other factor.
So, please, come out and cycle, hike or horse-ride on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. The more often, the better. Even if you’ve been out before, it changes with the seasons and time of day. Every trip is different.
For more information, please check out this website and to keep up to date with the latest insider news, please Like the BVRT Users Association Facebook page:
Photo caption: a view of the Brisbane River from the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail north of Harlin, between Toogoolawah and Moore, with the route of the old railway line to the left of the road.
Thanks for your support
Paul Heymans, President
Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Users Association.

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