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Brisbane River Fine Wine & Spirits, Lowood

We stock the biggest and most interesting range anywhere in the Valley.

Our shelves have all your favourites – from your finest lager to darkest stout, pre-mixes from rum and coke to G&T’s, and the whole spectrum of sweet moscatos to rich Aussie cab savs.

While these will always be classic staples (and for good reason too!) we have made it our mission to offer you new and exciting options to consider as well.

Everyone has their favourite drink and we bet it’s on our shelves – if it’s not, we’ll see if we can source it for you because we are all about making our customers happy!

We are proud to be the only stockist where you can access imported spirits, wine, and craft beer in Lowood. Our international offerings of premium labels are complimented by the gorgeous Australian selection we keep in stock – as well as a few of the best from New Zealand!

Whether you’re into complex micro brews, delicious fruity ciders, or you’re the pickiest wine drinker in your group of friends – we can help you discover something fantastic.

Our Not-So-Secret Weapon – Fernando!

The incredible range and variety our customers enjoy is largely down to the passion and expertise of our team.

Fernando has a decade of experience in some of the highest quality and well regarded restaurants and boutique hotels in Queensland. Gathering together everything he has learned from places like Aria Brisbane, Stokehouse and Spicers Resorts, and his own study with some of Australia’s best sommeliers – Fernando is helping to bring the best to Lowood.

A sommelier’s job is to know everything there is to know about tasting wine. Fernando can help you find a wine to pair with your favourite meal, or find you a terrific vintage and help you decide what will best suit the flavour profile.

He can also help you figure out the best house warming gift to bring when you don’t know anything about wine!

He’s not limited to wine though! His knowledge of beers, ciders, and spirits is extensive. His passion for the craft of wine, spirit, and beer making makes him the perfect person to come in and have a chat with – maybe you’ll find your next favourite.

Wine Pairing and The Perfect Cocktail For Any Occasion

We love sharing the best matches for meals, dinner parties, or your very own wine tasting! In addition to wine, one of our favourite things is to whip up a tasty cocktail that suits the event perfectly – even if that event is movie night, date night, or just Friday night!

Whether it’s the classics (think whiskey sours and margaritas) or something modern like lychee and chilli vodka martinis, something refreshing with bubbles in the summer sun or a cosy hot chocolate with a kick. 


We offer our customers a free membership to help make their day a little brighter.

When you sign up you will be the first to know about the biggest and best special offers we run – and you receive 10% off any purchase more than $75.

Phone: 07 5426 2397
Address: Lowood Shopping Centre, Shop 3/55-6, Main Street, Lowood, QLD 4311

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