Proposed BVRT Brisbane Valley Highway crossing at Harlin

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Maggies on the BVRT

Magpie season (June to November) will soon be upon us.

Infamous for their aggressive swooping, magpies can be a bit of a nuisance.Warning-sign

Known danger zones are, of course, the infamous ‘Magpie Alley‘ between the Esk-Kilcoy Rd and Coal Creek where they queue up to have a go at anyone passing through, the trail head at Yarraman where the magpies come at you low and very fast, Toogoolawah Station, Blackutt Station, between the Esk showgrounds and the Esk Crows Nest Rd (they have a penchant for exposed ears), and a particularly aggressive magpie hangs out by the shade shelter just to the south of the Lowood bends between Fernvale and Lowood. He’ll actually make hard contact with a cyclist’s helmet.

When swooped by magpies, it’s important not to panic as that can cause an accident. If cycling or on horseback, then sometimes getting off and walking will calm them down.Bicycles seem to irritate magpies the most.

Check out these useful safety tips.

I find four large, upward pointing zip ties placed strategically at the back and on both sides of my cycling helmet is an effective deterrent. They still swoop, but they don’t actually make contact.

You can also help to map magpie attacks via Australia’s social website to track aggressive magpies in your area.

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